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Earie Symptoms Does Your Child

Ear-ie Symptoms: Does Your Child Have an Ear Infection

Ear infections are one of the most common reasons for parents bringing their children into walk-in clinics. According to statistics, 5 out of 6 children will have developed an ear infection before their third birthday. Although the typically develops during or after an episode of the flu, this is not necessarily true.

If your child develops an ear infection, there is no need to panic since these are not serious medical conditions nor are they contagious. It is advised that you consult a physician if you child shows symptoms of an infection. They may help reduce the discomfort the child feels.

What is an Ear Infection?

What is an Ear Infection

In biology, the human ear is divided into three parts:

  • The Outer Ear
  • The Middle Ear
  • The Inner Ear

An ear infection affects the middle ear. It is caused by an accumulation of fluid and bacteria which creates an inflammation of the ear drum. As the condition progresses, children might have problems hearing or balancing themselves.

The ear, nose and the throat are linked to each other through a connection of tubes. The Eustachian Tube, connects the ears to the middle ear to the back of the nose. Having said this, it is not surprising that respiratory infections could potentially affect the ears. For this reason, children who have a cold or the flu are more likely to develop an ear infection than others.

Symptoms of an Ear Infection

Symptoms of an Ear Infection

Since children find it difficult to describe their symptoms, it is up to the parents to identify any behaviors that indicate an ear infection. If you feel that your child might be suffering from the condition, consult with your physician for a checkup immediately.

Typical symptoms of an ear infection are:

  • Unexplained Fever
  • Irritability
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Tugging or pulling at the ears
  • Hearing problems
  • Fluid draining from the ear

What can you do about it?

ear infection

Even though an ear infection is not a fatal condition, it is still a rather uncomfortable state to be in. When helping your children manage their symptoms, always remember to use medication at the direction of your physician.

Besides possible pharmaceutical treatments, here are a few suggestions on what you can do to reduce your child’s discomfort:

  • Wrapping cool, wet towels around the legs to reduce fever
  • Getting children yearly flu shots
  • Maintaining good hygiene habits such as regular hand washing and disinfecting possibly infectious surfaces.

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